Warhol vs. Banksy

Visit Amsterdam's Moco Museum before the year's end for a special, dual exhibition.

My dislike of the ever-present Warhol
is matched only by my admiration for the elusive Banksy.

Now this is a story all about how my pop-art taste flipped upside-down.

Time for a backstory...

I collect books about
artists that intrigue me.
It keeps me from staring at
screens so much while
brainstorming for projects.
I recently found a copy of
Banksy’s Wall and Piece,
and then posted about it on IG.
It got more interaction than I was expecting
so I figured there was a
new piece up somewhere.
After searching #Banksy,
I found out about Moco…

In addition to finally finding my own copy of the 2005 Banksy release, I found another gem by an artist to whom I was introduced by my cousin. Since he taught me about him, I figured I’d let him check out the book first. So we’ve briefly traded; I have his copy of Andy Warhol TREASURES. Seeing the news about a Banksy + Warhol exhibit prompted me to compare the two. The idea that has me stunned lies in the tonality of the two artist’s styles.

img cred: elledecor.it
img cred: elledecor.it

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t totally surprised to find similarities. But, what I found was really eye-opening.  I began by looking through Warhol’s most famous works while reading of his inspirations and the social era wherein he blossomed. I noticed that a few staples of his expression involve (but aren’t limited to): youthful rebellion, anti-abstract expressionism, and of course serial imagery. These themes lend themselves to Warhol’s works in a way that feels cheap (imo). Yet these exact themes make me love Banksy’s work.  Because what is art anyway-

Good artists imitate, great artists steal...

I guess this is why I study artists.  Learning from your creative influences can also include picking up cues from artists that get on your last nerve.  I’ve gained a new perspective on the artist who is in some ways synonymous with pop culture.  As much as I may loathe Warhol’s work, there’s no denying the effect he’s had on the world of American aesthetics. Also, as a huge fan of Mr. No Name, I have to finally admit defeat to Mr. Popular.

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