the Oddworx of Alex Solis

Icons Unmasked

-a series by Alex Solis-

If you want to buy me one,
trust your instincts.

I found Alex on Instagram last week.  He has a number of illustration series involving pop culture staples ranging from the 1970s to the mid 2000s.  This particular set caught my attention; he takes popular characters and boils them down to… well, you see the pix.  It’s brilliant.  There are even more illustrations on his website.

 This is a testament to the type of brilliance in conception that lends to any style of execution -meaning this would have been a great idea even if Alex couldn’t draw… but he can draw; and he does draw, very well. Like a horse with a guitar.  In fact, I think he’s made a few more since I contacted him last week for the permit.  Check ’em all & see which one you like the most.