• Modern Antithesis of Appropriation

    Shawn Carter is a recording artist from Brooklyn, NY.  He's known as Jay Z.  He's married to Beyonce Knowles.  Their combined net worth was reportedly somewhere around "a billion" USD as far back as 2014.  Amidst a rocky personal life made public (to say the least) Jay Z released a new album in July along [...] Continue Reading
  • The Magic Hour

    Solange Knowles released a new album on October 3rd full of beautiful, minimalist compositions & expositions.  This video shows some of the recording process for this album.  I'm listening to the album as I type, but this isn't a review.  Immediately after the album's release, I began to see derogatory articles that actually had nothing to do [...] Continue Reading
  • Warhol vs. Banksy

    Visit Amsterdam's Moco Museum before the year's end for a special, dual exhibition. My dislike of the ever-present Warhol is matched only by my admiration for the elusive Banksy. Now this is a story all about how my pop-art taste flipped upside-down. Time for a backstory... I collect books about artists that intrigue me. It keeps [...] Continue Reading
  • Tweet of the Month

    New section: -Tweets out of context- This tweet is actually from last month but it represents this blog pretty well because it encourages artistic growth.  I figured it would be a nice way to kickstart this segment.  This producer/director is a fav of mine [no pun] & this concept has been instrumental to my growth as [...] Continue Reading
  • Plz&Thx:
    Turntable Station

    Let's get physical ...nah really, I love vinyl records.  My record player has been down since my wife and I moved into our last apartment.  I thought I'd get it repaired, but I finally had to let it go as my wife and I moved into our first house this summer.  Now, for the first time I [...] Continue Reading
  • Know Justice, No Coverage

    "Justice or Else."  This was the cry on October 10, 2015, the 20th year anniversary of the Million Man March.  Hundreds of thousands gathered once again to peacefully protest [some of the exact same] racially biased injustice in America.  Yet somehow, there was NO broadcast media coverage of this event.  Not a single broadcast network was stirred; not [...] Continue Reading
  • -via Design Boom What I Know Now

    Welcome back to the pages of my mind. This week's post could get deep pretty quickly... but I'll keep things light -I may turn this blog post into a song. More on that later; for now, there are a few more pictures here [with quotes and captions] to marvel over. "Let us dream of tomorrow..." -M. Jackson [...] Continue Reading
  • Comic Relief

    Disclaimer: The comic you are about to read is unusual.  Calvin and Hobbes is regarded as one of the greatest comic strips in history by many and a modern literary marvel by others.  The comic centers around a young american child [Calvin] from the middle class.  His best friend is a tiger [Hobbes].  Together they [...] Continue Reading