Tweet of the Month

New section: -Tweets out of context-

This tweet is actually from last month but it represents this blog pretty well because it encourages artistic growth.  I figured it would be a nice way to kickstart this segment.  This producer/director is a fav of mine [no pun] & this concept has been instrumental to my growth as an artist -for example: Walt Disney had a Degas in his office.

We’ll see how long twitter lasts [I don’t tweet much myself] as the trends move toward new social platforms.  I’m interested to see where social media goes next since it’s been accepted as a staple of American society at large [which could be another blog post].  This is another tweet I’d hang on the wall -but this one would be in a classroom.


“[Attn:] Students [and] Aspiring Artists:
Instead of copying your favorite artist(s),
invest in learning what makes their work appealing.”

-LeSean Thomas, Director

When people let their guard down you get nice, honest moments; online and in-person. Also, speaking of growth in creative + business, there have been a few updates to my portfolio.

Check ’em out!