• Tweet of the Month

    New section: -Tweets out of context- This tweet is actually from last month but it represents this blog pretty well because it encourages artistic growth.  I figured it would be a nice way to kickstart this segment.  This producer/director is a fav of mine [no pun] & this concept has been instrumental to my growth as [...] Continue Reading
  • Liberation of the Free World

    ...admittedly, this is melodramatic. Yet, still; this happened. [you actually have to click the post on this one to see the picture/event/tweet I'm referring to] If Twitter works like Instagram, I may pull a Richard Prince & sell a print of this in the shop. I'm kinda afraid a Secret Serviceman might show up at [...] Continue Reading
  • Pixel Art by Adam Lister

    Pixel art has always captivated my soul. The beauty in simplicity coupled with the emergence of unforeseen, highly imaginative pieces from such limitations... *sigh* ...touches my heart. So much so that I recently aspired to put forth my own pixel art canvas print in conjunction with my latest audio project. As I scrolled my timeline, [...] Continue Reading