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    Turntable Station

    Let's get physical ...nah really, I love vinyl records.  My record player has been down since my wife and I moved into our last apartment.  I thought I'd get it repaired, but I finally had to let it go as my wife and I moved into our first house this summer.  Now, for the first time I [...] Continue Reading
  • -via Design Boom What I Know Now

    Welcome back to the pages of my mind. This week's post could get deep pretty quickly... but I'll keep things light -I may turn this blog post into a song. More on that later; for now, there are a few more pictures here [with quotes and captions] to marvel over. "Let us dream of tomorrow..." -M. Jackson [...] Continue Reading
  • Satoru Iwata, 1959-2015

    Begin quote: On my business card, I am a corporate president.  In my mind, I am a game developer.  But in my heart, I am a gamer." I know this is a bit dramatic, but I feel like I knew this guy. Nintendo is my greatest Creative+Business Influence. My dad and video games are a [...] Continue Reading
  • Please & Thank You

    Insert a joke about window shopping here. Replace that joke with something about vanity. Now let's put a bow on all of that and call it wishful thinking (smileyface). Kamael, Backpack, ¥55,300 ($450) I do hereby decree this post to mark the beginning of a new blog category entitled: Please and Thank You. My style tends to be [...] Continue Reading
  • Writer’s Block, a pun.

    This is a comic by Stephan Pastis- synopsis: A rat walks into a bar... This rat, the main character, orders a shot.  The bartender says: "Rat, would you like anything else with your tequila?"   Rat says: "Yeah, gimme a chaser."  Then a sweaty guy in shorts walks up and says: "Okay, start running."  Rat, now annoyed, turns to the writer [...] Continue Reading
  • NY Artist sells other people’s Instagram snaps for $100k

    Know Your Worth. It's exactly how it sounds. A well known artist from the Panama Canal Zone has an exhibition in a gallery in NY displaying (and selling) other people's Instagram snaps for about 100,000 USD per frame. I guess that's like me reblogging this article from HypeBeast, so I won't say too much... Wait a minute... I'm not making [...] Continue Reading
  • Pixel Art by Adam Lister

    Pixel art has always captivated my soul. The beauty in simplicity coupled with the emergence of unforeseen, highly imaginative pieces from such limitations... *sigh* ...touches my heart. So much so that I recently aspired to put forth my own pixel art canvas print in conjunction with my latest audio project. As I scrolled my timeline, [...] Continue Reading