• Warhol vs. Banksy

    Visit Amsterdam's Moco Museum before the year's end for a special, dual exhibition. My dislike of the ever-present Warhol is matched only by my admiration for the elusive Banksy. Now this is a story all about how my pop-art taste flipped upside-down. Time for a backstory... I collect books about artists that intrigue me. It keeps [...] Continue Reading
  • The Simpsons, by Disney

    Hello there. Sorry for the time. I have a child on the way; haven't been writing. I'm back now. This week's post comes from a modern american staple or two (I'm easing back into my melodramatic titles).  You know The Walt Disney Company & you know The Simpsons family, so I won't add too much filler here. [...] Continue Reading
  • Liberation of the Free World

    ...admittedly, this is melodramatic. Yet, still; this happened. [you actually have to click the post on this one to see the picture/event/tweet I'm referring to] If Twitter works like Instagram, I may pull a Richard Prince & sell a print of this in the shop. I'm kinda afraid a Secret Serviceman might show up at [...] Continue Reading
  • the Bad, the Ugly, and the Faceless…

    The faceless defacer shows up in Gaza. (I've been working on my dramatic headlines & titles.) To the faceless artist(s) renown I say: Well done Mr(s). Whoever-you-are, well done. Honestly, I don't know enough about the modern day situation. But I think that's the point... -via HuffPost *If you need to lighten the mood afterwards, check [...] Continue Reading