• the Oddworx of Alex Solis

    Icons Unmasked-a series by Alex Solis- If you want to buy me one, trust your instincts. I found Alex on Instagram last week.  He has a number of illustration series involving pop culture staples ranging from the 1970s to the mid 2000s.  This particular set caught my attention; he takes popular characters and boils them down to... [...] Continue Reading
  • Music Video: Stay Positive

    A few months have passed since I released some music & this summer is already pretty packed between mixing Sunn's album(s), starting a new job, and moving; so I decided to get a track from an old friend & write one... People seem to like it so I figure I'll release a new audio project [...] Continue Reading
  • 5 in 5 (interview): Fly Times

    Summer 2014, I met a ghost. There’s this guy whose brand spans across Alabama though many people have no idea what he looks like. Mobile native, Tony D. runs a pair of statewide clothing brands, Fly Times and Secret Scientist. The whole scenario reminds me of this guy (link). I’ve seen local brands come and go. Fly […]

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