• Modern Antithesis of Appropriation

    Shawn Carter is a recording artist from Brooklyn, NY.  He's known as Jay Z.  He's married to Beyonce Knowles.  Their combined net worth was reportedly somewhere around "a billion" USD as far back as 2014.  Amidst a rocky personal life made public (to say the least) Jay Z released a new album in July along [...] Continue Reading
  • the Oddworx of Alex Solis

    Icons Unmasked-a series by Alex Solis- If you want to buy me one, trust your instincts. I found Alex on Instagram last week.  He has a number of illustration series involving pop culture staples ranging from the 1970s to the mid 2000s.  This particular set caught my attention; he takes popular characters and boils them down to... [...] Continue Reading
  • Canadian illustration: NBA toons

    In my opinion, these images are the perfect blend of playful objectiveness.  I hope they had as much fun in concept and execution as I feel when I see the finished product here.  These mascots make me envision coaching 29 little league teams and winning 29 championships.  Enjoy the carousel and judge me for my write-ups [...] Continue Reading
  • -via Design Boom What I Know Now

    Welcome back to the pages of my mind. This week's post could get deep pretty quickly... but I'll keep things light -I may turn this blog post into a song. More on that later; for now, there are a few more pictures here [with quotes and captions] to marvel over. "Let us dream of tomorrow..." -M. Jackson [...] Continue Reading