• (via Petrolicious.com) Bill Mitchell’s
    Secret Stash

    Buckle up. I'm not going to say alot today.  Mainly, because the cars you are about to see will speak for themselves.  Automotive designer, William L. Mitchell almost singlehandedly shaped the way cars look today in this great nation of ours.  The video above shows some of his personal favorite designs, many of which were never released [...] Continue Reading
  • Plz&Thx:
    Turntable Station

    Let's get physical ...nah really, I love vinyl records.  My record player has been down since my wife and I moved into our last apartment.  I thought I'd get it repaired, but I finally had to let it go as my wife and I moved into our first house this summer.  Now, for the first time I [...] Continue Reading
  • Please & Thank You

    Insert a joke about window shopping here. Replace that joke with something about vanity. Now let's put a bow on all of that and call it wishful thinking (smileyface). Kamael, Backpack, ¥55,300 ($450) I do hereby decree this post to mark the beginning of a new blog category entitled: Please and Thank You. My style tends to be [...] Continue Reading
  • 5 in 5 with Shan Latris

    A few months ago, I was introduced to a group of photographers, makup artists, and fashion designers from my hometown. Among that group were photographer, Derrick Curry and fashion designer, Shannon Warren.  Last month, Shannon had some new looks and Derrick was set to shoot with her for Birmingham Fashion Week.  Since Shannon's website is underway, Derrick thought [...] Continue Reading
  • “Dare to Be You”

    I ran across this on instagram & thought it was a good execution of a great message. I can't really say what i like about it without sounding like a super critical, art-faced airhead. Dare to Be You. Continue Reading
  • Charged by Belief

    Rising NBA All-Star Stephen Curry has a contract with Under Armour for shoes & commercials & stuff. Together with Nas' Mass Appeal channel, Under Armour has developed a web series based on a few chosen Warriors (garfield grin) of the Golden State. Naturally, episode one features San Francisco's own Benny Gold. I haven't spoken this much, but [...] Continue Reading
  • 5 in 5 (interview): Fly Times

    Summer 2014, I met a ghost. There’s this guy whose brand spans across Alabama though many people have no idea what he looks like. Mobile native, Tony D. runs a pair of statewide clothing brands, Fly Times and Secret Scientist. The whole scenario reminds me of this guy (link). I’ve seen local brands come and go. Fly […]

    Continue Reading
  • Pixel Art by Adam Lister

    Pixel art has always captivated my soul. The beauty in simplicity coupled with the emergence of unforeseen, highly imaginative pieces from such limitations... *sigh* ...touches my heart. So much so that I recently aspired to put forth my own pixel art canvas print in conjunction with my latest audio project. As I scrolled my timeline, [...] Continue Reading