The Simpsons, by Disney

Hello there.
Sorry for the time.
I have a child on the way;
haven’t been writing.
I’m back now.

This week’s post comes from a modern american staple or two (I’m easing back into my melodramatic titles).  You know The Walt Disney Company & you know The Simpsons family, so I won’t add too much filler here.  This past Sunday’s episode featured a couch gag by Eric Goldberg.  He was a character designer for Disney’s Aladdin (1992) & the animation supervisor for everybody’s favorite hue of Robin Williams.  In his guest spot couch gag, he goes through the history of Disney Animation in about a minute.  These couch segments are an excellent canvas.  Did you see Banksy’s depiction of 20th Century Fox?

(panda, panda, panda…)

Check em out & tell me what you think.