The Warrior Project is dedicated to LOVE.

I’ve been making music for about ten years now. I started with very little;  just an idea to mix two sounds into a third. The resulting sound was unique. I’d never heard anything like it. Truthfully, that age old concept of addition (combined with subtractive synthesis) was all I had to keep me occupied as a 15 year old
in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I held onto it with all my heart… 11 months & 29 days later, I met my wife.

Over the years that followed, I had to fight for love. The battles were beautiful, the scars are trophies. I’ll probably make song out of that second concept. The first concept comprises what’s presented in this project. The idea of fight and the value for which you fight. I wanted to merge the two in such a way that the blend is so fluid that the two sounds become a third
I mentioned meeting love as if I didn’t love art before I was able to execute my own. That is not the case.  I met my chance to execute music and I loved self-expression. This project includes several types of media. In addition to my music, I’ve presented a canvas print for this expression. I won’t go deep into this idea just yet, this is merely a stepping stone.

 I chose to draw from the cliché: Love is war.
This Warrior Project is a tribute to your right to express yourself.
This is music for the fight in you, the fight in me, & warriors the world over.

Stand for what you believe.

I believe in Love,
& I choose to express my ideas in several ways.

This project is inspired by my hometown, where I found my wife, my muse, & myself.