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Peace, Love & Prints

This is a collaborative t-shirt design, drawn for the 100th Birthday of a Chandler & Price letterpress, featuring a drawing by Briana Mora.

The two color design was silk-screened in front of the customers after they chose their size and color. A 6×4 press was manned by Martin Blanco.

The press is native to Huntsville’s Green Pea Press.

The design was inspired by the commercial I composed a little while ago. As the time drew near for the event I sent Rachel the typography with the idea to ask Mrs. Mora how she would feel about such an endeavor. The pieces fell together like tetrimino! Except the ground didn’t disappear. That would have been weird.

There was imported wine, Sinatra songs, & even a cake made into the shape of the letterpress! We had a blast, I look forward to more excellence from the crew.

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