Saved, Sanctified, and Sexually Active
-a series by Dr. Mike Moore-

Every month or so at Faith Chapel Christian Center, there is a new teaching topic and a new set of promo material to raise awareness within the community.  I was secondary cameraman and primary editor for this web and in-service promotional video which was shown for the month of November in this the year of our Lord 2015.  The concept derived from a series of meetings with Dr. Moore and the crew, after which I drafted the treatment & screenplay as per the discussions.


The actors are students from the theatre department at The University of Alabama in Birmingham.  The script was written based on the lesson plan for Dr. Moore’s November series entitled Saved, Sanctified, and Sexually Active.  The first lesson is setting the tone for the month and this video set the tone for the first lesson.


T’was a touchy subject to tackle this time around.  Great care was put into the concept and presentation.  The sequel shot was recorded the same day.  The story climaxes in the second Act as the Male is revealed to be married; effectively leading Dr. Moore into a very well written lesson about Adultery.

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