Liberation of the Free World

…admittedly, this is melodramatic.

Yet, still; this happened.

[you actually have to click the post on this one to see
the picture/event/tweet I’m referring to]

If Twitter works like Instagram, I may pull a Richard Prince & sell a print of this in the shop. I’m kinda afraid a Secret Serviceman might show up at the door if I do it…

One of my international homies will probably buy it & I’ll end up in a crazy customs war or som’t.  Either way, I may or may not have this on my wall in the studio.

You never really know where your imagination could take you.
If I get enough moxy, I'll print
a few for the the shop.

EDIT 08-14-15: I just ran across a set on Spotify called “The President’s Summer Playlist” consisting of a VERY solid (rather Eclectic), tracklist for your Summer Days or Summer Nights. The collection seems to be verified and claims to have been handpicked by Mr. Obama.  I’m listening on shuffle as I type this addendum and it’s pretty well-rounded across music at large -which is no easy feat. I dare you listen without finding at least 2 songs you like on each of the playlists… I’ll wait.  Seriously though, it doesn’t have the Outkast or Black Keys songs mentioned in the tweet, but it does have Green Light by JohnLegend+Andre3000 (which got me through my Freshman year of college). So pour some lemonade and get your summer jam on.