Turntable Station

Let's get physical

…nah really, I love vinyl records.  My record player has been down since my wife and I moved into our last apartment.  I thought I’d get it repaired, but I finally had to let it go as my wife and I moved into our first house this summer.  Now, for the first time I have my own studio space and this Turntable Station by Line Phono was made for it.  Watch the EPK below!

•Turntable Station by Line Phono, $350•

I found this on, apparently there was a kickstarter for this that ran from September 16th – October 20th [2015].  It looks like there are actually five of them left -according to the Line Phono kickstarter page– I may miss out this time but if any of you guys get your hands on one, shoot me a message and send some pix of your setup!

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House your demo cuts & rare prints, properly.

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