Bill Mitchell’s
Secret Stash

Buckle up.


I’m not going to say alot today.  Mainly, because the cars you are about to see will speak for themselves.  Automotive designer, William L. Mitchell almost singlehandedly shaped the way cars look today in this great nation of ours.  The video above shows some of his personal favorite designs, many of which were never released to the public.  One of them has a Ferrari engine.


Now, be forewarned: some of these designs are really extreme [for my readers who aren’t designers] in terms of lines and curves.  This collection is a fantasy set of designs from the middle of the muscle-to-modern, crossover era [just before engine size and emission restrictions].  Also, this is the guy who gave us the Stingray, essentially re-shaping Corvettes forever.

Imagine if these concepts were all over the road today.  All you would have to do is tint the roadways blue and we would truly be swimming through the concrete.  As always, enjoy & tell a friend!

header image credit:
Laurent Nivalle