• Canadian illustration: NBA toons

    In my opinion, these images are the perfect blend of playful objectiveness.  I hope they had as much fun in concept and execution as I feel when I see the finished product here.  These mascots make me envision coaching 29 little league teams and winning 29 championships.  Enjoy the carousel and judge me for my write-ups [...] Continue Reading
  • Train Up a Child

    Don't let the preview frame stop you from reading the comic.  It's hilarious.  It deals with how children learn from adults. Often times children are regarded as tiny, irrational humans; but, if the iPod doesn't fall too far from the MacBook, maybe we're all giant irrational babies. There's a verse in the 22nd chapter of Proverbs [...] Continue Reading
  • Know Justice, No Coverage

    "Justice or Else."  This was the cry on October 10, 2015, the 20th year anniversary of the Million Man March.  Hundreds of thousands gathered once again to peacefully protest [some of the exact same] racially biased injustice in America.  Yet somehow, there was NO broadcast media coverage of this event.  Not a single broadcast network was stirred; not [...] Continue Reading
  • -via Design Boom What I Know Now

    Welcome back to the pages of my mind. This week's post could get deep pretty quickly... but I'll keep things light -I may turn this blog post into a song. More on that later; for now, there are a few more pictures here [with quotes and captions] to marvel over. "Let us dream of tomorrow..." -M. Jackson [...] Continue Reading
  • Comic Relief

    Disclaimer: The comic you are about to read is unusual.  Calvin and Hobbes is regarded as one of the greatest comic strips in history by many and a modern literary marvel by others.  The comic centers around a young american child [Calvin] from the middle class.  His best friend is a tiger [Hobbes].  Together they [...] Continue Reading
  • Satoru Iwata, 1959-2015

    Begin quote: On my business card, I am a corporate president.  In my mind, I am a game developer.  But in my heart, I am a gamer." I know this is a bit dramatic, but I feel like I knew this guy. Nintendo is my greatest Creative+Business Influence. My dad and video games are a [...] Continue Reading
  • Liberation of the Free World

    ...admittedly, this is melodramatic. Yet, still; this happened. [you actually have to click the post on this one to see the picture/event/tweet I'm referring to] If Twitter works like Instagram, I may pull a Richard Prince & sell a print of this in the shop. I'm kinda afraid a Secret Serviceman might show up at [...] Continue Reading
  • Please & Thank You

    Insert a joke about window shopping here. Replace that joke with something about vanity. Now let's put a bow on all of that and call it wishful thinking (smileyface). Kamael, Backpack, ¥55,300 ($450) I do hereby decree this post to mark the beginning of a new blog category entitled: Please and Thank You. My style tends to be [...] Continue Reading