When I was 16, I began to offer graphic design and music composition services.


I had a blackberry & I had not yet discovered moleskine. That was pre-iPhone.

I would meet my cousin on the campus of Roll Tide, using his login to access Adobe CS3.

I didn’t have any sense of direction & I wasn’t looking for it yet.
Design was something fun that could get me a few dollars.

My dad was a photographer when I was a kid.
His photos introduced me to proportion.

Eventually, I borrowed his camera to offer photography too.

I started to develop ideas about business strategy through these first hand, teenage observations. I knew that something was preventing sustainable progress amongst the small groups for whom I had been designing despite the successes of each prior project.  Unknowingly, these became my initial case studies…

But, I couldn’t express those theory based concerns to these groups; I didn’t have the vocabulary & I was a 17-yr-old amidst people with car notes & bills who were giving me some of their rent money…  However; without proper retention efforts, each group’s new event or project inevitably involved a costly return to square one.

During an internship
in college: I learned
about brand equity,
market research,
and purposeful
customer retention.

I identified these principles to be key differences in the operational efforts of smaller companies versus larger corporations.  The intangible side of business strategy became a little more real for me.

Today, I use my real world and classroom expertise to help create a better marketplace.

By blending practical production principles with the applied theory of business strategy, I offer unique solutions that deliver measurable results.  I offer web design, brand management, video production, and more to help you make the most of your ideas.

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