Hi, I'm Diesel.

Time for a Backstory

I was born in 1990 at UAB Hospital where my mom was a chemist.
My dad was a photographer & he taught me to navigate MS-DOS at age 5;
I feel like he foresaw the digital shift in the creative landscape and gave me a heads up.

My mom’s dad was a musician. I began producing music at age 15
in addition to learning my dad’s camera and freelancing through high school.
At age 20 after a college internship, I wrote, produced, engineered, and distributed an album.

The album’s reception gave me the confidence to trust my ideas and return to freelancing
while obtaining a Marketing Management degree to bridge my multimedia skills and my business acumen.

In 2017, about 7 years after that first album,
I became a full time business consultant and media producer.
I’ve been married for 6 years as of July 2017 and my first child is 1 year old.

This life is as fun as it is terrifying
& I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I regularly post multimedia projects
within these pages, as well as an occasional rant or rave.

You can think of this as my coffee table book, my sketch pad, or maybe a traveler’s journal through the rat race.

My work varies from project-to-project, I employ several types of media to provide
a full sensory experience for clients, end consumers, or the occasional web surfer.

For any questions, send me a message or schedule a consultation.

servicemark, BookofDiesel.com