5 in 5 with Shan Latris

A few months ago, I was introduced to a group of photographers, makup artists, and fashion designers from my hometown. Among that group were photographer, Derrick Curry and fashion designer, Shannon Warren.  Last month, Shannon had some new looks and Derrick was set to shoot with her for Birmingham Fashion Week.  Since Shannon’s website is underway, Derrick thought it would be cool to get video from the photoshoot. He text me about the idea & it became a full, editorial style interview video
for the launch of Shannon’s new website.

I can’t give you all the details yet, but here’s a quick preview…

Five Questions in Five Minutes

Alright, you’re busy these days so let’s keep things simple.

Rapid fire. First answer.

Who are you?

My name is Shan Latris and I am the
designer of The Shan Latris Collection.

What brought you to Fashion Design?

As a child I loved the styling of Destiny’s Child. Beyonce’s Mom, Tina, would design these amazing cohesive looks. I would sketch their costumes and add my own twist to them. After doing this for their infamous “Survivor” costumes, I knew I wanted to become a designer. I’ve been trying to get Beyonce’s stylist, Ty Hunter’s attention on Instagram lately!

When did you start to take Design seriously as a career?

I remember being very unhappy with life and my pursuit of college. I was going to school for something I did not want to study. After reading a book by Russell Simmons called “Do You: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You”, I realized that I had to live my dreams.
I told myself then, “I am going to do this, this time and I’m never looking back!” I didn’t have any money or resources available to begin studying fashion then, but I had access to a Library where I could borrow books for free! So I read about fashion until I could get into a program.

Going strong, two more.

Where was your last show?

My latest showcase was during [this year’s] Birmingham Fashion Week.
I competed in their Emerging Designer Competition and won first place!

You're doing great! Last Question...

Why do you design?

I like to empower women. Not just through words, but through what they are wearing. I can make a woman feel like a QUEEN! Female empowerment is so necessary and major to me. In addition to that, I’ve just always loved anything to do with art and using my creativity.

That sounds good! Best of luck to you and your brand.

Look for more of Shannon’s work soon on her new website
+ follow her on Facebook / IG to congratulate her on her win!

-There are some great photographers who are responsible for these pictures; though I’m not sure who shot whom (nonviolently, of course) they have been credited on Shannon’s FB page. Great shots guys-